Physikalisches Institut

Current PhD theses

1. Viacheslav Morosh
„Fabrication and characterization of highly sensitive nanoSQUIDs based on SNS Josephson junctions“
(Prof. Kölle)
June 2014 –

2. Daniel Kohlberger
„Low temperature scanning electron microscopy of superconducting devices“
(Prof. Kölle)
July 2014 –

3. Benedikt Müller
„Highly sensitive nanoSQUIDs for investigations of magnetic nanoparticles“
(Prof. Kölle)
January 2015 –

4. Raphael Wieland
„Investigation and control of electromagnetic and thermal properties of superconducting THz emitters based on Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8 intrinsic Josephson junctions“
(Prof. Kleiner)
October 2015 –

5. Jianxin Lin
„Ultra-sensitive YBa2Cu3O7 nanoSQUIDs for the investigation of magnetic nanoparticles“
(Prof. Kölle)
October 2016 –

6. Abdulaziz Alharbi
„P-type perovskite compounds for gas sensor applications“
(Prof. Kölle)
January 2017 –

7. Maximilian Becker
„Ferroelectric thin films for micromechanical applications“
(Prof. Kölle)
January 2017 –

8. Timo Ziegler
„Setup of a YBa2Cu3O7 scanning SQUID microscope“
(Prof. Kölle)
April 2017 –

9. Julian Linek
„Advanced Nb nanoSQUIDs“
(Prof. Kleiner)
July 2018 –

10. Max Karrer
„Realization of superconductor nanostructures with a focused Helium ion beam“
(Prof. Kölle)
August 2018 –

11. Kevin Uhl
„Advanced SQUID sensors and readout techniques for the detection of mechanical oscillators“
(Prof. Kleiner)
February 2019 –

12. Katja Wurster
„NanoSQUIDs for scanning SQUID microscopy“
(Prof. Kölle)
May 2019 –

13. Theodor Luibrand
„Low-temperature polarization microscopy“
(Prof. Kleiner)
June 2019 –