Physikalisches Institut

Publications 1990



H. Veith, R. Kleiner, T. Koch, P. Müller, and K. Andres

Physica B 165, 1389 (1990)

Flux Penetration Into a Weakly Coupled Josephson Network:Nd1.85Ce0.15CuO4


R. Kleiner, P. Müller, H. Veith, J. Heise, and K. Andres

Advances in Cryogenic Engineering (Materials) 36 (1990)


Josephson Effects in Point Contacts and Bridges Made of YBa2Cu3O7


F. Kober, D. Koelle, M. Hartmann, R. Gross, and R. P. Huebener

In H. Kuzmany, M. Mehring, and J. Fink, editors, Electronic properties of high-Tc superconductors and related compounds, page 50, Berlin, Heidelberg (1990) Springer-Verlag


Spatial Inhomogeneity in Superconducting YBaCuO-Films


D. Koelle, F. Kober, M. Hartmann, R. Gross, R. P. Huebener, B. Roas, L. Schultz, and G. Saemann-Ischenko

Physica C 167, 79 (1990)


Spatially Resolved Measurements of the Resistive Transition in Epitaxial YBa2Cu3O7-Films


J. Mannhart, R. P. Huebener, F. Kober, D. Koelle, P. Chaudhari, D. Dimos, R. Gross, A. Gupta, G. Koren, and C. C. Tsuei

Physica A 168, 345 (1990)


Current Transport Across Grain Boundary Networks in High Tc Superconductors


M. Schlichenmaier, S. Lösch, S. Kemmler-Sack, D. Koelle, M. Hartmann, and R. P. Huebener

J. Less-Common Met. 160, L1 (1990)


Influence of the Preparation Technique on the Electrical Properties of the 2212 High Tc Superconductor Bi1.75Pb0.25Sr2CaCu2O8+z

S. Lösch, M. Schlichenmaier, S. Kemmler-Sack, C. Schöll, S. Döttinger, W. Forkel, D. Koelle, R. Gross, and R. P. Huebener

J. Less-Common Met. 159, 261 (1990)


The High Tc Phase (N=3) in the Bi-Pb-Sr-Ca-Cu-O System