Physikalisches Institut

Publications 2000



S. Weiss, D. Koelle, J. Müller, R. Gross, and K. Barthel

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Ratchet effect in dc SQUIDs


D. Koelle, R. Gross, R. Straub, S. Keil, M. Fischer, M. Peschka, R. P. Huebener, and K. Barthel

Physica C 332, 148 (2000)


Vortex imaging by low-temperature scanning electron microscopy and correlation with low-frequency noise in YBCO SQUIDs


A. I. Braginski, K. Barthel, B. Chesca, Y. Greenberg, R. Kleiner, D. Koelle, Y. Zang, and X. Zeng

Physica C 341-348, 2555 (2000)


Progress in Understanding of High-Transition-Temperature SQUIDs