Physikalisches Institut

Micro and nano patterning

For our research activities the micro- and nanopattering of thin films and single crytsals is essential. Here the same techniques are applied which are used on a large scale in semiconductor industry.

Depending on structure size various methods are applied. For dimensions on the micron scale and above usually optical lithography is used, while submicron and nanostructures require the use of electron beam lithography.

Initially, the desired structure is tranfered from a mask to a resist pattern. Subsequently, the resist pattern is used for patterning of the samples. Here we use either lift-off or various milling/etching techniques.

Litography techniques:

Optical lithography

Fig. 1. Optical lithography room in the cleanroom section (VG) with maskaligner and spinner ("Lackschleuder") for deposition of photo resist.

Electron lithography

Fig. 2: Electron beam lithography for the fabrication of small holes in superconducting thin films.

Milling/etching techniques: