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NEW: e-borrowing

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The Mathematics and Physics Library introduced in winter term 2019/20 a new e-borrowing system via barcode and chip-card.

Terms and conditions:

User groups:
User group 1:         holder of an employee chip card
User group 2:         holder of a student chip card
User group 3:         externals [holder of an University Library chip card]


Borrowing periods:
User group 1:          6 months
User group 2:          2 weeks
User group 3:          2 weeks
4 days before the end of the borrowing period, you will receive a reminder via email


Extend the borrowing period:
User group 1:          further 6 months, only at the information desk
User group 2:          further 2 weeks, online (maximum 10 times)
User group 3:          not possible