Study on the Perception of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is currently the subject of much discussion, be it its use in autonomous vehicles or its application in a medical context. With the establishment of CyberValley, Baden-Württemberg has become an internationally respected center for artificial intelligence research in recent years.

In this jointly conducted study by the Leibniz-Institut für Wissensmedien (IWM) and the University of Tübingen, we seek to explore how the changes brought about by artificial intelligence are perceived.

In our study, we hope to include the perception on AI by experts from AI research, politicians, journalists, but also the general population. After all, this topic must be of central importance in your everyday life. We wish to invite you to take part in the study. The data collection will be completely anonymous.

The study takes place online and should only take you about 7 minutes to complete.
You can easily access our study by clicking on the following link:

Thank you very much!

Prof. Dr. Markus Huff