Cognition and Perception

Cognition and Perception

Linda von Sobbe - Publications


Journal Publications


  • von Sobbe, L., Ulrich, R., Gangloff, L., Scheifele, E., & Maienborn, C. (2021). Is rushing always faster than strolling? A reaction time study on the processing of sentences containing manner of motion verbs. Acta psychologica221, 103428.
  • von Sobbe, L., Maienborn, C., Reiber, F., Scheifele, E., & Ulrich, R. (2021) Speed or duration? Effects of implicit stimulus attributes on perceived duration, Journal of Cognitive Psychology, 33(8), 877-898.


  • von Sobbe, L., Scheifele, E., Maienborn, C., & Ulrich, R. (2019). The Space–Time Congruency Effect: A Meta‐Analysis. Cognitive Science43(1), e12709.


Conference Contributions

  • von Sobbe, L. & Ulrich, R. (2019). Perceived duration increases not only with actual but also with implicit duration. ESCoP 2019, 21st Conference of the European Society for Cognitive Psychology, Tenerife.