Faculty of Science

Faculty Council

Tasks of the Board

The Faculty Council maintains a position of fundamental significance and is to be consulted on any matter concerning the faculty. It relays its opinion on appointment nominations and has to agree on important matters for the faculty, for instance amendments to examination and study regulations.

The Faculty Council comprises the Executive Board of the Faculty, the Equal Opportunities Commissioner, the Speakers for the Departments and the elected representatives of the professors, staff, and students from the eight individual departments. The Faculty Council is elected for the term of office starting from 1st October 2010 and ending on 30th September 2016.


winter term 2018/19

winter term 2018/19


summer term 2019

Summer term 2019


Winter term 2019/20

winter term 2019/20


Meeting venue and time

12:15 pm, Lecture Center Morgenstelle, Room 7E02


Constitution of the Faculty Council

Dean / Vice Deans
Dean Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Rosenstiel
Deputy Dean Prof. Dr. József Fortágh
Vice Dean for Research Prof. Dr. Thilo Stehle
Vice Dean for Studies Hon.-Prof. Dr. Joachim Ostwald

Department´s Speakers with right to vote
Department of Computer Science: SpeakerProf. Dr. Hendrik Lensch
Department of Computer Science: Deputy Prof. Dr. Oliver Bringmann

Department of Mathematics: Speaker Prof. Dr. Jürgen Hausen
Department of Mathematics: Deputy Prof. Dr. Stefan Teufel

Department of Biology: Speaker Prof. Dr. Gerd Jürgens
Department of Biology: Deputy Prof. Dr. Oliver Bossdorf

Department of Chemistry: Speaker Prof. Dr. Udo Weimar
Department of Chemistry: Deputy Prof. Dr. Andreas Schnepf

Department of Geosciences: Speaker Prof. Dr. Todd Ehlers
Department of Geosciences: Deputy Prof. Dr. Thomas Scholten

Department´s Speakers advising
Department of Pharmacy & Biochemistry: Speaker Prof. Dr. Lutz Heide
Department of Pharmacy & Biochemistry: Deputy Prof. Doron Rapaport

Department of Physics: Speaker Prof. Dr. Andrea Santangelo
Department of Physics: Deputy Prof. Dr. Reinhold Kleiner

Department of Psychology: Speaker Prof. Dr. Hartmut Leuthold
Department of Psychology: Deputy Prof. Dr. Barbara Kaup

Professors due to elections
Prof. Dr. Stefan Teufel (Department of Mathematics)
Prof. Dr. Hannah Markwig (Department of Mathematics)
Prof. Dr. Daniel Braun (Department of Physics)
Prof. Dr. Thomas Walter (Department of Computer Science)
Prof. Dr. Andreas Nordheim (Department of Biology)

Professors due to elections: Deputies
Prof. Dr. Werner Vogelsang (Department of Physics)
Prof. Dr. Rolf Daniels (Department of Pharmacy & Biochemistry)
Prof. Dr. Doris Kunz (Department of Chemistry)
Prof. Dr. Ralf-Peter Jansen (Department of Pharmacy & Biochemistry)
Prof. Dr. Martin Hautzinger (Department of Psychology)

Academic Staff
Dr. Lars Schneider (Department of Mathematics)
Dr. Günter Lang (Department of Physics)
Dr. Verena Seibold (Department of Psychology)

Academic Staff: Deputies
Apl.-Prof. Dr. Peter Pilz (Department of Biology)
Dr. Klaus Möschel (Department of Pharmacy & Biochemistry)
Dr. Klaus Eichele (Department of Chemistry)

Lisa Zimmermann (Department of Chemistry)
Lukas Schanz (Department of Mathematics)
Steffen Hardy (Department of Biochemie)
Anna Würth (Department of Biology)
Anna Haas (Department of Psychology)

Students: Deputies
Santiago López Portillo Chávez (Department of Physics)
Patrick Moritz (Department of Chemistry)
Maximilian Wandl (Department of Biology)
Tobias Haasis (Department of Geosciences)
Dominik Birkenmaier (Department of Geosciences)

Other employees
Susanne Hempel (Department of Physics)
Ralph Stiefel (Department of Physics)
Betiina Kappler (Department of Chemistry)

Other employees: Deputies
Eva Lohmann (Department of Physics)
Claudia Walter (Department of Computer Science)

Equal opportunity (advising)
Equal opportunity Commissioner Prof. Dr. Katharina Foerster (Department of Biology)
Deputy Prof. Dr. Katja Tielbörger (Department of Biology)

Postgraduate Convention (advising)
Representative N.N.
Deputy Florian Heimgärtner