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Corona virus: Information of the Faculty of Science

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

the dean's office is only open to a limited extent until further notice. If you need signatures, to drop off or pick up documents, please make an appointment by email or phone. Otherwise, please use the dean's office mailbox in the elevator lobby. In-person consultations are conducted by phone and email only. Mail is supplied daily so all things that can be done via interoffice mail are secured.

Throughout the University campus, all persons are required to wear medical mouth/nose protection. Otherwise, we ask you to observe the University's infection protection plan (30 June 2021) as well as the circulars of the university communication and the related instructions and measures.

Your deanery team

Information for Students

How do I get up-to-date information on my courses?

 11 March 2021

The information about the courses will be published in alma. All registered participants of a course should additionally be informed by mail by the lecturer about the exact procedure in this course. All those interested in a course must therefore register in alma. Otherwise there is no contact possibility!

If you have any questions regarding your course or subject, please contact your Course Councellor or your Dean of Study. Please also contact your lecturers if you have any problems with the technology or your equipment.

Can exams or practice events take place?

02 November 2020

On-campus examinations are conducted under strict safety and security regulations (see University´s infection protection plan, Chapter H). These include the distance regulations of 1.5 meters, the currently applicable no-entry rules, and the wearing of a medical mouth-nose protection when entering the building and the examination or laboratory room.

If the minimum distance to other persons is regularly undercut, special arrangements are made for the practical events, such as the formation of teams of two ("buddies"). These teams are to remain unchanged for the duration of the practicum to minimize the risk of infection. You will be given more details by the responsible teaching staff.

Please follow the instructions of the teaching and supervisory staff regarding specific infection control measures during the exam/practicum. Seating is marked during exams and access to seating is controlled by the proctoring staff. If you do not follow the rules, you may be excluded from participation in the examination/practice event and will then be responsible for your own reasons for non-participation.

Note for students who are considered at risk for a serious medical condition: You are responsible for deciding whether you wish to participate in the examination/practicum. If you present a medical certificate, you will not be at a disadvantage with regard to examination deadlines.

Further information on examinations for students can be found on the university website.

Data protection information on participation in courses

Are deadlines for exams or thesis submissions automatically extended?

31 March 2020

The faculty has spoken out in favor of not specifying a general extension of the deadline by a certain period of time. Instead, the faculty's lecturers and examination board chairs were asked to find individual and pragmatic solutions with the students and to make generous use of the possibility of extending the deadline.

Information of the Central Administration

11 March 2021

Information of the Rectorat
Information from the International Office
  • Information about the corona virus for Tübingen excahnge students (outgoings) who are currently abroad or plan to go soon.

  • FAQ for international students (incoming)

  • Registration for the quarantine service

Information from the Center for Data Processing (ZDV)

Information for teachers

Teaching during the Covid 19 pandemic

23 July 2021

Due to the heterogeneity of requirements, we do not provide for a general extension of deadlines for coursework, examinations, or theses at MNF. Please find an individual generous and pragmatic solution for your students here that is adapted to the framework conditions of the course or thesis. Please note that access to the University Library and thus to textbooks is restricted. You will receive up-to-date information on this from the University Library.

Statue for the extention of all examination regulations: To ensure reliable study operations, the University of Tübingen has issued bylaws (in German only) that supplement the existing study and examination regulations for the university's degree programs. These bylaws (reading version), which have now been revised, will also apply for the winter semester 2020/21 and the summer semester 2021 (bylaws; reading version)

Current status of on-campus formats

28 July 2021

At all presence events:

  • Medical masks must be worn throughout the event. Medical mouth and nose protection can be ordered from the Purchasing Department via the supervisors.

  • All participants must be registered. For each course, each student will hand in the questionnaire, preferably filled out in advance. Prior to each individual course, the course instructor is required to reconcile who has attended the course from those registered or admitted to the course. This is to be "checked off" on a list of participants. The circulation of a signature list etc. is not permitted. The management of the course must keep the participant sheets for the duration of the continued participation in the course, if applicable, and the concrete participant lists until the expiry of four weeks after the respective individual event. The documents must then be destroyed in accordance with data protection regulations.
    In addition to the registration of participants by means of a paper registration, it is also possible to generate a specific QR code for each individual attendance event; this should be projected by the lecturer at the beginning of the event, and the participating students can simply register as present by scanning the code with a smartphone directly via the alma portal.

  • Pure "seated events" can be held in exclusive compliance with the university hygiene concept. For all other events, a supplementary hygiene concept is required.


On Campus Examinations: for all regulations see hygiene concept chapter H

  • Please inform students in good time about the examination date (at least 2 weeks - preferably 4 weeks - in advance) and about the infection control measures in force at the university.

  • Check the availability of suitable lecture halls in advance with the lecture hall administration or the building representative and reserve the appropriate lecture halls.

  • For oral examinations, the wearing of a mask may be waived if all participants permanently maintain a distance of 3m from all other persons present and if 10m2 of floor space is available around each person in the room.

  • If a student is not allowed to wear a mask, the appropriate medical certificate must be presented.

  • Students who, according to the definition of the Robert Koch Institute and the German Society for General Medicine and Family Medicine, are considered to be a risk group for a severe course of the disease, should be recommended to make use of the withdrawal option.

  • As far as possible, students should not suffer any disadvantages as a result of the pandemic. Any deadlines for examinations will be extended accordingly by one semester, as will the maximum deadlines for graduation. The extension of deadlines also applies to repeat examinations. However, students are not entitled to additional examination dates. That is, the regular exam dates apply. This means that the deadlines are extended accordingly until the next possible date.

  • Withdrawals should be possible until the start of the exam.

  • The submission deadlines for Bachelor's, Master's, term papers or seminar papers as well as comparable written work shall be extended by an appropriate period of time by the examination committees of the subjects or by the Dean of Studies.


Group laboratory practicals: for all regulations see hygiene concept of the university chapter F

  • Laboratory internships and student theses in the laboratory are permitted without approval if the regulations are observed.

  • Please inform students in advance about the applicable infection control regulations at the University of Tübingen.

  • There is no general maximum number of participants in an event. However, the requirement to be able to regularly maintain a distance of at least 1.5 m must be absolutely guaranteed (apart from exceptional situations with appropriate protective measures, e.g. buddies). Students and employees must also be able to observe the distance rules during breaks or when going to the toilet.

  • If possible, the "flow of traffic" in the area of the students' internship, equipment and recreation rooms should also be controlled by "one-way streets".


Excursions: for all regulations see hygiene concept of the university chapter G

  • For 1-day excursions or field exercises within a radius of 100 km of the university, please send your application to the Dean of Studies Office (studiumspam prevention@mnf.uni-tuebingen.de). Excursions or field exercises that involve a longer journey or events lasting several days must still be approved by the Rector's Office. Please send your application with an individual hygiene concept to planungsstab.infektionsschutzspam prevention@zv.uni-tuebingen.de. For questions regarding travel abroad, please contact the company medical service (Dr. Rieger or Tomasz Downar).

  • It is required "3G" from all participants (i.e. the obligation to prove the aspects tested or vaccinated or recovered); as far as there is an obligation to test thereafter, this is to be implemented daily under the supervision of the excursion leader: The obligation to comply with and verify 3G rests with the field trip leader. A submitted externally conducted test must not be older than 24 hours.

  • For arrival and departure the current regulations of the country apply.For overnight stays the current regulations of the hygiene concept of the accommodation apply. The respective regulations of the federal state/country must be observed. If a visit to a restaurant is planned, this can take place within the framework of the regulations applicable to the catering trade.

Practical tips for designing online teaching

11 March 2021

Helpful websites of the University of Tübingen

Other helpful websites

For technical-organizational questions concerning eLearning, questions about Ilias and other University library services, please contact edl-supportspam prevention@ub.uni-tuebingen.de.

For questions regarding moodle, timms and further e-learning offers of the ZDV please contact supportspam prevention@zdv.uni-tuebingen.de.

Teachers at the University of Tübingen with questions about or interest in video recording, live streaming, publishing existing audio or video documents, or integration into learning platforms, should contact timmsmasterspam prevention@zdv.uni-tuebingen.de.

For didactic questions please contact andrea.fauselspam prevention@uni-tuebingen.de (Hochschuldidaktik) with the subject "digital teaching".

If a case of coronavirus occurs or is learned about at the university

27 January 2021

The notification to the Health Office follows the regulations of the Infection Protection Act. The Health Office is solely responsible for the follow-up; university members are neither authorized nor obligated to do so.

If there is a suspicion that a confirmed Corona infection has occurred through contact at the workplace or in a course, an electronic accident report should be made by the person concerned to the UKBW (Unfallkasse Baden- Wuerttemberg there further under: Insurance coverage for corona infections (SARS-CoV-2)). In this way, claims for benefits from the statutory accident insurance can be secured.

For the improvement of the infection protection at the university it would be helpful if affected persons inform the company medical service about such reports (ambulanz.arbeitsmedizinspam prevention@med.uni-tuebingen.de). In principle, persons whose confirmed Corona infection is attributed to an infection at the workplace or in a course can seek advice from the company medical service.