Faculty of Science

Equal Opportunities Policy at the Faculty of Science

The Equal Opportunities Commissioner of the Faculty of Science is supported by the Equal Opportunities Policy Board.


Fields of activities

The Equal Opportunities Commissioner and the Equal Opportunities Policy Board

  • advises the Faculty Executive Board and the Faculty Council in all questions regarding equal opportunities,
  • supports the development and the implementation of activities in the field of equal opportunity, particularly promoting female scientists,
  • examines the impact of equal opportunity measures,
  • regularly reports on the implementation of the central goal to increase the proportion of women in science,
  • decides whether to award funding for equal opportunity activities,
  • informs and advises female scientists and female students regarding the compatibility of family and work or studies,
  • sets out the equal opportunity funding programs,
  • is the contact person for discrimination or sexual harassment.

Members of the Equal Opportunities Policy Board of the Faculty of Science

Equal Opportunities Commissioner

(Term: Oct 01st 2022 - Sep 30th 2025)

Dr. Annette Denzinger

deputy Prof. Dr. Katharina Foerster

Dept. of Biology

Apl.-Prof. Dr. Tassula Proikas-Cezanne
deputy Prof. Dr. Heike Brötz-Österhelt

Dept. of Chemistry Apl.-Prof. Dr. Benedetta Casu
deputy Prof. Dr. Stephanie Grond

Dept. of Geosciences


Dr. Annett Junginger

deputy Dr. Ilka Schönberg

Dept. of Computer Science

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Anna Martius

Dept. of Mathematics Dr. Stefan Keppeler
Dept. of Pharmacy & Biochemistry

Prof. Dr. Dominique Lunter

Dr. Elisabeth Fuss

Dept. of Physics

PD Dr. Beatriz Olmos Sanchez

Stellv. Katja Wurster

Stellv. Katharina Kilgus

Dept. of Psychology

Prof. Dr. Jennifer Svaldi
deputy Prof. Dr. Bettina Rolke


(Term: Oct 01st 2022 - Sep 30th 2023)


Julia Erdei (Dept. of Mathematics)

Melina Lau (Dept. of Biology)

deputy Kim Kober (Dept. of Psychology)

deputy Jette Harfensteller (Dept. of Biology)

Funding measures and application

The Faculty of Science provides funding for measures with the goal to comply its equal opportunity plan and its equality directive. Applications for support can be submitted formless via email to the Equal Opportunities Commissioner at any time. The Equal Opportunities Policy Board decides on the granting in the following Board Meeting.

Grants can be awarded to cover the following types of expenditure:

  • Funding for the support of mothers-to-be during pregnancy, childbirth and for the support of families (student assistance up to 40 h/month); In the proposal the reasons leading to the additional needs must be clearly described.
  • Funding of doctoral and post-doctoral students with a child/children, exhibiting a verifiable expenditure of time in educating their children (student assistance); In the proposal the needs for additional appropriations due to family circumstances must be explicitly stated.
  • Funding of student assistance for organizing research networks with an explicit reference to gender
  • Support of workshops for female junior researchers
  • Support of accompanying measures, e.g. the attendance of educational seminars concerning career development in science for junior researchers
  • Support of conferences with an explicit reference to gender
  • Support of family-friendly basic conditions during conferences at the faculty

The grant application must contain the following Information:

  • name and address of the applicant,
  • affiliation to the department,
  • short description of the planned project with explanations to its gender perspective,
  • a detailed record on the requested appropriations.

Funding Postdocs and PhD students

Periodically, the faculty announces a doctoral position (E 13 65%) for a one year start-up financing in the Departments of Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics.

Additionally, the faculty wants to increase the rate of habilitations of women. Therefore, a position for a Habilitation (100% TV-L E13) is advertised as a follow-up funding for one year. On application, a second year can be granted. Respectively, up to 5000 € can be granted for project costs and or student assistants per year. The aim of this program is to help female scientists of the University of Tübingen to complete their Habilitation.

Please contact the Equal Opportunities Commissioner for questions on these programs and the next calls for proposals.

Funding from funds of the TEA program

The Teaching Equality Program supports activities that pursue the goal of establishing equal opportunities in studies. There are funds for teaching assignments, guest lectures and travel expenses in the framework of (practice-oriented) lectures, workshops or discussion rounds. The possibility of funding is given for activities at the University of Tübingen that satisfy one of the following points:

  • (practice-oriented) lectures or discussion rounds of female represenatitives of the relevant subject (occupational orientation and career path of successfull working women)
  • gender studies
  • training of the subject-specific gender expertise of students

Applications for support can be submitted to the Equal Opportunity Commissioner ant any time. The Equal Opportunities Policy Board decides on the granting in the following Board Meeting.

More information about the TEA program of the University of Tübingen and the announcement of TEA guest professorships can be found here.