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Global warming may diminish plant genetic diversity in Europe

Plant genetic diversity in Central Europe could collapse due to temperature extremes and drought...

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One argument for Neanderthal genius debunked

Researchers from the Universities of Tübingen and New York discover it was easy to make a strong...

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Meteorite strikes made life on Earth possible

University of Tübingen research team shows that a significant amount of the Earth´s water and carbon...

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Coastal marine sediments contribute to the formation of greenhouse gases

University of Tübingen research team investigates microbial and chemical processes as a natural...

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At the Top of the Food Pyramid

Tooth enamel analyses offer insights into the diet and habitat of the T. rex relative Tarbosaurus

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New Humboldt Professor is a perfect fit with Tübingen research

Peter Dayan to strengthen partnership between University and Max Planck Institute for Biological...

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Antibiotic Produced by the Microbiome kills Bacteria by Disturbing Energy Metabolism

A research team from the Universities of Tübingen and Göttingen as well as from the German Center...

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3D technology lets us look into the distant past

Swiss and Tübingen palaeontologists identify four million-year old species by their teeth –...

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