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Rapid evolution under climate change

Team of the University of Tübingen studied how plants adapt to increasing drought

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Small horses got smaller, big tapirs got bigger 47 million years ago

Researchers open a window onto ancient mammal evolution using fossils from Germany

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How plants shape mountains

University of Tübingen researchers illuminate the relationship between vegetation, precipitation and...

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Underground food sources enable bacteria to release arsenic into groundwater

Tübingen University researchers find organic material in deep sediment layers in Vietnam – New...

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Andreas Kappler is appointed Geochemistry Fellow

Tübingen’s Professor for Geomicrobiology is honored for his contributions to understanding the...

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Small fish reflect on their enemies

The Yellow Black-faced Triplefin deflects sunlight to break their predator's camouflage

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The tips of a plant design its whole shape

Researchers headed by the University of Tübingen create a roadmap of the genes which drive plant...

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Dams endanger freshwater biodiversity

University of Tübingen study identifies dam projects which hit ecosystems hardest

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