Faculty of Science

Studying Abroad

The Faculty of Science offers diverse, subject-specific exchange programs for exchange students in European countries. These programs are combined with scholarships providing adequate financial support. The Erasmus-Program of the European Commission provides opportunities to study an equivalent subject area at a partner university abroad.

How to Go Abroad

Further funding opportunities to study abroad are offered by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Detailed information on funding programs is provided by the DAAD-funding program data base.

Application Periods

Credit Transfer (ECTS)

Credits from abroad are acknowledged on the basis of the ECTS-system, when the exams are considered equal. A minimum of 30 ECTS-credits per semester or 60 ECTS-credits per year must be completed during a stay abroad.

It is necessary to turn in all study-related records and documents post-study abroad (e.g. Transcript of Records, grades, certificates of attendance and participation, syllabuses). Acknowledgement of courses which are not part of the ETCS-system requires a special acknowledgement procedure. The respective subject-specific Erasmus-coordinator is responsible for the acknowledgement of credits from abroad, in compliance with the registar's office in charge.