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Our ancestors started getting fat 12.5 m years ago

University of Tübingen researchers find the evolutionary cause of “lifestyle diseases”

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The University of Tübingen explains machine learning

New video clarifies important elements of artificial intelligence in lay terms

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Polar ice may be softer than we thought

Tübingen and international researchers investigate ice flow speed in northern Greenland, correcting...

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First ancient syphilis genomes decoded

Researchers recovered three genomes of the bacterium Treponema pallidum from skeletal remains from...

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Proteins with different evolutionary histories now do the same job

University of Tübingen researchers discover convergent evolution in mitochondria in fungi and...

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Newly-discovered protein operated in earliest organisms

Researchers discover receptor protein SbtB regulating CO2 levels in cyanobacteria

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Heisenberg uncertainty frustration - Quantum systems torn between liquid and solid states

Tübingen and Konstanz researchers discover a quantum mechanism unparalleled in classical physics

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Chaos makes quantum sensors work more precisely

Physicists at the University of Tübingen are developing a method for increasing the accuracy of...

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