Faculty of Science

Doctoral Government Scholarship - "Landesgraduiertenförderung"

Currently there is no call for applications. The next call for applications concerning scholarships starting from October 2019 will be posted in this section in April 2019.

In view of the limited means a prolongation over the standard funding term (2 years) is not possible. By resolution of the commission only PhD-Students at the beginning of their doctoral project are nominated for scholarship.

Please consult before the LGF-contact persons  in the departments  about your chances of success:


Jun.-Prof. Ph.D. Jennifer Ewald


Prof. Doris Kunz


Prof. Sebastian Kinder

Computer Science

Prof. Andreas Zell


Prof. Martin Möhle

Pharmacy / Biochemistry  

Prof. Peter Ruth


Prof. David Wharam


Prof. Hans-Christoph Nürk

Faculty of Medicine

Prof. Dr. Thomas Iftner (nur wenn in der MNF promoviert wird)

Deadline for submission is the November 30, 2018, 12.00

Please submit your complete application to the Central Management Office of the Faculty of Science, to Ms Constanze Christ, Director of Academic Affairs.

Important notice: please submit your application in hardcopy and in addition in form of a single file (preferably in PDF-format). The electronic version will be subsequently used in the assessment process, so therefore please take care of its completeness (the reports should also be included).

Incomplete applications will be not accepted! (The report of the second reviewer can be submitted until January 2, 2019)

Application forms and further information are available here: Central Administration of the University, Department no. 1 Research, Strategy and Legislation.