Faculty of Science

Graduate Academy´s Science Section

The Graduate Academy of the University is the central coordinating body for all support services related to general advising, professional and academic development for doctoral candidates. It is the umbrella organization for the graduate academies of the faculties, through which it also integrates the university’s doctoral training programs and doctoral training networks. The central goal of the Graduate Academy is to improve the quality and guidance of young researchers.

Ongoing doctoral projects of the Faculty of Science are summarised within the Graduate Academy´s Science Section.


The Graduate Academy’s ILIAS doctoral and postdoctoral Gateway serves as a central information and service portal for junior researchers.

The training program for doctoral students includes events and coachings in the areas of science and responsibility, communication and management, and career development.


The ombudsperson assists the doctoral students in settling conflicts or solving problems. All matters are treated as strictly confidential and neutral. Ombudsperson is the Dean of the Faculty, the Vice Dean for Research and the Dean of Studies.

Science Slam February 2018

On February 20018, a science slam of the the doctoral students of the University of Tübingen took place. Graduate students presented their projects to the public in a charming and witty way.

The Faculty of Science priveded the following four contributions:

The follwoing link shows you the award ceremony and the video clips of the contributions.