Faculty of Science

Post-Doctoral Studies ("Habilitation")

Detailed information about post-doctoral studies, dating from 09.12.2010 is to be found in the download area below. It is recommended to make a consultation appointment with Ms. Huggenberger if you are planning to make an application.

In order to begin an examination procedure for post-doctoral studies, please use the application form below.


Information (in german only)

  • Habilitation regulations pdf
  • Teaching requirements pdf

Interim evaluation (in german only)

  • Interim evaluation notes pdf
  • Interim evaluation certificatee word

Submission of the Habilitation (in german only)

  • Form Habilitation application pdf
  • Form List of teaching courses excel
  • Explanations to the Habilitation application pdf

Habilitation exams

  • Habilitation exams take place as onsite events. In principle it is possible to do the Habilitatin exam in an online format provided the approval of the relevant department. 
  • The oral habilitation examination is conducted by the Department´s Speaker.
  • A short protocol  (in german) is prepared and kept on file.

Important notice

  • Incomplete applications for beginning an examination procedure for post-doctoral studies will not be accepted.
  • The complete documents must be received by the Dean's Office 14 days prior to the meeting of the Habilitation Committee in order to be considered.
  • Next meetings