Practical Theology III

International Handbook of Practical Theology

Practical Theology is increasingly international in its scope and purview.  Practical Theology as it is discussed in its different international networks understands itself as an empirically grounded and hermeneutically elaborated theory of lived religion.

All of that poses the challenge of an approach that is both transcultural and transreligious. As theory of lived religion, Practical Theology needs to clarify its notion of religion, differentiate between religious practices and discuss ways across the disciplines on how to achieve these desiderata against a transcultural and transreligious background. The Handbook, edited by Birgit Weyel, Wilhelm Gräb, Emmanuel Y. Lartey, and Cas Wepener, takes up these issues clarifying the term religion, elaborating religious practices in the perspective of religious agency, referring to specific religious traditions discussed with the means of academic religious discourse. It presents a wide range of subjects, with each subject being elaborated by one author only, inspired by his or her respective religious and cultural situatedness. 

The book will be published by De Gruyter in 2021. It comprises more than 60 articles. 

The editors Cas Wepener, Birgit Weyel, Emmanuel Lartey, and Wilhelm Gräb during a roundtable in Sao Leopoldo, Brasil, Conference of the International Academy of Practical Theology, 5 May 2019