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The institute’s library is currently equipped with about 48,000 books, subscribes to 80 periodicals and provides access to numerous e-journals.
The library mainly contains literature on criminology and criminal policy concerning the following topics: general criminology, penology, crime statistics, police research, psychiatry, psychology, sociology and measures to fight against crime (i.e. law enforcement, prison system, aftercare).
The collection of articles at the Institute of Criminology includes about 9,000 special prints from national and international journals relevant to criminological research.

Criminological Information Service

Since 2014, the Institute of Criminology has run the Criminological Information Service (FID Kriminologie) in close cooperation with the University Library Tübingen. It is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG).
Purpose of the Criminological Information Service is to ensure the national supply of literature in the field of criminology. This newly implemented service is structured to meet specific needs and requests in the field of criminology as accurately as possible. According to the motto “in the Interests of Research” it is important to provide researchers with easy access to special literature and useful information. The primary search tool for all criminological relevant sources (books, articles, other documents) is the bibliographic database KrimDok. On the basis of extensive evaluations, it currently comprises around 250,000 entries of publications on criminology and related disciplines in German and other languages. If possible, digitalized publications as well as other electronic documents have been made accessible there, too. On the one hand, there are retro-digitized publications available. On the other hand, electronic publications issued by other institutions are gathered in the Repository.


KrimDok is a bibliographical reference system for criminological literature. The database consists of various literature and book stocks and also contains references of journals and collections, digital documents as well as grey literature. All references can be researched by utilizing just one search interface.