Institut für Kriminologie

Hassan Alipour

Dr. Hassan Alipour was born in Shahrekord, Iran in 1978. From 1996 until 2000 he studied law at the University Guilan. Following his basic legal studies, he first pursued a master’s degree in criminology and criminal law at the University Taribat Modares Tehran and between 2003 and 2009 pursued a PhD in criminal law and criminology at the Faculty of Law at the University Shahid Beheshti Tehran. In his dissertation, Dr. Alipour focused on the balance between national security and civil liberties in the context of the fight against terrorism. Since 2009, Dr. Alipour is also a registered attorney at the chamber of lawyers in Alborz.

Between October 2009 and August 2015, he worked as Assistant Professor at the University Shahekord and since 2016 he is Assistant Professor at the Farabi College Law Schhol at the University of Tehran. His research interests include the history of criminal law, crimes threatening national security, corruption, terrorism and cybercrime.

Since December 2021, Dr. Alipour is currently a guest researcher at the Institute of Criminology. During his stay, he is conducting a comparative research project on the differences of sentencing in cybercrime cases in German and Iranian law. His preliminary research findings suggest – among others – that the low risk of detection for cybercriminals contributes to the danger of cybercrime and that the anonymity of cyberspace presents a major challenge for law enforcement agencies when investigating cases of cybercrime.