Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry


Trendbericht Theoretische Chemie published

Elke has written a Trendbericht for Nachrichten aus der Chemie entitled Dynamik beobachten – explizite Beschreibung der Pulseigenschaften explaining the importance of including the explicit description of laser pulses for theory of time-resolved experiments.


ICEC Review Published

Our review about the Interparticle Coulombic Electron Capture (ICEC) has been published in Journal of Physics B.


MCDTHX developers workshop in Zürich

Elke, Lydia and Manuel are at the MCTDHX developers workshop funded by the unitary fund: Inspiring discussions, onboarding of new people, create user friendliness and ensure code longevity.


New master students

Lydia Fichte (Nanoscience) and Manuel Eder (Chemistry) are starting their master projects in the group. Welcome!


QD4ICEC meeting at KU Leuven

Elena and Elke got to know the other PhD students of the QD4ICEC project, enjoyed stimulating discussions.


Symposium für Theoretische Chemie in Zürich

Elke is presenting newest results.


Elke is teaching at the MCTDH Summer School in Heidelberg

Approximately 50 PhD students, postdocs and professors gathered at the MCTDH summer school in Heidelberg to learn basics and newest developments in the MCTDH world. Tutorials give hands-on experience with the software.


Elke Fasshauer and Reinhold Fink win teaching price

Elke Fasshauer and Reinhold Fink are awarded the student price for the most interesting master lecture for the TCM1 lecture covering many-particle systems, spin states, relativistic quantum chemistry and the toolbox of quantum chemical methods including HF and post-HF methods.


New PhD student

Elena Jahr is starting her PhD studies in the group. She will work on the analytic description of the Interparticle Coulombic Electron Capture within the DFG-ANR project QD4ICEC. Welcome!


New PhD student

Alexander Riegel is starting his PhD in the group. His topic is the influence of nuclear motion on time-resolved spectra of electronic decay processes. Welcome!


Manuel Eder is starting his internship in the group

Manuel is interested in quantum many-body effects in electron transport.


Gurli Schuster is starting her Bachelor project in the group

Gurli is theoretically investigating electronic decay processes with streaking.


Catia Harnack started her Bachelor project in the group

Catia is going to work on properties of small water clusters.


Teaching at ESQC summer school

Elke Fasshauer is going to teach at the European Summerschool in Quantum Chemistry (ESQC) in September this year.