Absorption and Fluorescence Spectrometers

Colloidal dispersions as well as bulk materials can be optically investigated via UV-vis-NIR spectroscopy with the help of a Cary5000 spectrophotometer from Agilent. This instrument enables measurements in the wavelength range of 175-3300nm and absorbance values of up to 8 a.u., which allows for highly accurate measurements. Measurements in solution using quartz cuvettes are equally possible as investigations of solid-state thin film samples on microscopic glass slides.

Complementary to absorption measurements, investigations of the fluorescence properties are possible with a Perkin-Elmer FL 8500 spectrofluorometer. Excitation as well as emission spectra can be recorded using a 150 W Xenon lamp within the range of 200 - 900 nm in solution or in the solid state as powder or thin film samples. An automized intergrating sphere allows to determine the fluorescence quantum yield in solution and of powder samples.