Reactive membranes and electrochemical applications

Carbon nanotube (CNT) membranes were produced from multi-walled CNTs by a filtration technique and used for the removal of the betablocker metoprolol by adsorptive and reactive processes. The reactivity of CNT membranes was enhanced by nanoparticulate zero-valent iron (NZVI) which was deposited on the CNT membranes by pulsed voltammetry applying defined number of pulses (Fe-CNT (100) and Fe-CNT (400) membranes.

  • Yanez H, J.E., Wang, Z., Lege, S., Obst, M., Roehler, S., Burkhardt, C.J. and Zwiener, C. (2017) Application and characterization of electroactive membranes based on carbon nanotubes and zerovalent iron nanoparticles. Water Research 108, 78-85.

Reactive membranes based on carbon and metal nanoparticles for advanced removal of micropollutants in water treatment (Chinese Science Foundation (CSF), grant for Zi Wang, 2016 - 2020)

IMONA - Immobilized nanoparticles for oxidative and reductive water treatment (DFG ZW 73/14; 2013 - 2016)

Reductive electrochemical treatment

  • Zwiener, C., Glauner, T., Sturm, J., Woerner, M. and Frimmel, F.H. (2009) Electrochemical reduction of the iodinated contrast medium iomeprol: iodine mass balance and identification of transformation products. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 395(6), 1885-1892.   10.1007/s00216-009-3098-9