PhD theses and habilitation

Dissertations / PhD



  • Song, Zhengshan: On the Influence of Afforestation on Soil Erosion and Soil Carbon in a Subtropical Chinese Forest Ecosystem


  • Sorkau, Elisabeth: Land use and biodiversity effects on P-transformation in soils
  • Teuber, Sandra: Past and present soil use in Germany – an analysis of the social-ecological systems “agriculture” and “allotment gardening”


  • Ahlrichs, Jan Johannes: Ur- und frühgeschichtliche Siedlungsdynamiken zwischen Gunst- und Ungunsträumen in Südwestdeuschland
  • Henkner, Jessica: Interpreting colluvial deposits: Archaeopedological reconstruction of land use dynamics ins southwestern Germany
  • Spinola, Diogo Noses: Early Eocene paleosols on King George Island, Maritime Antarctica as a paleoenvironmental proxy


  • Bosch, Anna: Quantification of Soil CO2 Emissions under the Influence of Climate Change on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Based on Freely Accessible Data
  • Müller, Michael: Interactions among soil properties and variations in stand structures in the Rolwaling alpine treeline ecotone, Nepal
  • Stumpf, Felix: Spatial estimations of soil properties for physically-based soil erosion modelling in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area, Central China


  • Goebes, Philipp: Mechanisms of Soil Erosion in Subtropical Forests of China - Effects of Biodiversity, Species identity, Tree architecture and Spatial variability on Erosivity
  • Seitz, Steffen: Mechanisms of Soil Erosion in Subtropical Chinese forests - Effests of Species Diversity, Species Identity, Functional Traits and Soil Fauna on Sediment Discharge

2009 – 2014


  • Baumann, Frank: Pedogenesis, permafrost, and ecosystem functioning : feedbacks and interactions along climate gradients across the Tibetan Plateau
  • Peter, Klaus Daniel: Aktuelle Geomorphodynamik in Gullyeinzugsgebieten in der Souss-Ebene/Südmarokko
  • Schatz, Ann-Kathrin: Towards a Quantification of Environmental and Climatic Factors between 60 and 20 ka in SE Europe Using Geochemistry and Luminscene Dating
  • Schönbrodt-Stitt, Sarah: Soil erosion in a highly dynamic, terraced environment: the effect of the Three Gorges Dam in China


  • Ramirez-Lopez, Leonardo: Sampling Design and Machine Learning Optimization for the Application of Soil Sensing Data in Digital Soil Mapping
  • Fischer, Thomas: Spatio-temporal changes of meteorological dryness/wetness pattern and their hydrological responses on discharge in the Zhujiang River Basin, South China


  • Mejia Barazarte, Joel Francisco: Evaluating the effect of LULC changes and climate variability in the hydraulic response and water yield of a tropical Andean river basin – the case of Boconó river basin, Venezuela


  • Bakimchandra, Oinam: Integrated Fuzzy-GIS approach for assessing regional soil erosion risks
  • Geißler, Christian: Mechanisms of soil erosion under forest vegetation – Throughfall kinetic energy as a function of forest succession and biodiversity in sutropical forests in China


  • Gründling, Ralf: Wechselwirkung zwischen Pedodiversität und Biodiversität am Beispiel extensiv genutzter Grünland-Bestände
  • Schmidt, Karsten: Repräsentanz und Data Mining – Konzepte und Methoden der digitalen bodenkundlichen Kartierung


Hartmann, Heike: Temporal and Spatial Analyses of Hydroclimatological Data in the Context of Global Change

Gemmer, Marco: Detection of Climate Trends, Weather Extremes and their Hydrological Responses and Impacts in China. Habilitation colloquium: Wind Energy Resources in China and their Utilization

Scholten, Thomas: Beitrag zur flächendeckenden Ableitung der Verbreitungssystematik und Eigenschaften periglazialer Lagen in deutschen Mittelgebirgen

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