Doctoral Research

Current Doctoral Research

Simon Gerster Chaebŏls als Gestalter der sozialen und gesellschaftlichen Wirklichkeit in der Republik Korea. Eine beispielhafte Untersuchung des Wirtschaftskonglomerats Samsung.

Ottó Bence

The adaptation possibilities of the BID model (Business Improvement Districts) in the state of Baden-Württemberg

Lucian-Bojan Brujan

Regional context of cohesion and integration at the external border of the EU. Developments and approaches in the border area Romania-Serbia-Hungary

Patrizia Dreizler

Internationalization strategies of medium-sized companies in the manufacturing sector in Baden-Württemberg

Simon Eckstein

Stability and Change of Organizational Routines

Ingrid Eibner

The importance of institutions in the nearshore process. Illustrated by the example of service companies in Romania

David Fuchs      

Assessment of material heritage on the Curonian Spit: A Lacanian perspective

Kamil Lis

Polish companies in Germany

Nikolaus Roos

Cross-border regional formation "from below" in Greater Szczecin

Dimitry Sorokin

International site strategies in the field of biotechnology

Finished Doctoral Research

Dorothee Apfel Multiple transitions to sustainable energy systems in Senegal - An analysis of driving forces, institutional settings, regional capabilities, local embedding, and path creation processes
Michael Bär Port economies in the Baltic Sea Rregion. Sea port container terminals as nodes in international transport logistics
Raluca-I. Corpadean Resources and local developement in the Romanian microregion Huedin
Anja Erdmann Urban transformation processes in Central and Eastern Europ. Urban developement of growth and shrinkage in Lódz and Gdansk

Dagmar Götz

Non-working women: Modern service providers in the hidden reserve of the labor market

Hans Lipp Touristic perspectives of the Mekong Greater Region Nong Kai/Vientiane. A touristic Master Plan
Lukas Radwan Change and Stabilitity of organisational routines in social and territorial contexts