Current research projects at the CCA-BW

Developing a Mobile Analytical Setup for Archaeometry and Materials Science
Tavolara Project - Petrographic Analyses of Villanovan Ceramics
Ceram Egypt - Petrographic Analyses of Egyptian Ceramics for the Establishment of a Comprehensive Database
Poduri Project - Archaeometric Analyses for the Technological Research of Cucuteni Ceramics
Cooperation with the Carolingian Monastery Construction Site 'Campus Galli' in Meßkirch
Peshdar Plain Projekt - Analysis of Neo-assyrian Artifacts from the Sulaimaniyya Region
Radovanu Project - Understanding Chalcolothic Pottery Traditions Through Macroscopic and Archaeometric Analyses
Idjos Project - Studying the Technological and Stylistic Characteristics of Neolithic to Chalcolithic Ceramics in the Northern and Central Banat
Tășnad Project - Petrographic Analyses of Raw Materials and Ceramics for the Reconstruction of Manufacturing Processes