Palaeoclimate and Climate Dynamics - People

Boateng, Daniel (MSc; PhD student)

Research: Climate-tectonics interactions, numerical and empirical climate modelling, machine learning.

Liu, Zhang (BSc)

Research (MSc thesis): Random Forest models for estimating local climate change in Chile.

Mutz, Sebastian G. (Dr. rer. nat.)

Research: Earth system dynamics, (palaeo)climate, numerical modelling, statistics, machine learning.
Room: 3U35; Geo- und Umweltforschungszentrum
Schnarrenbergstr. 94-96, 
72076 Tübingen, Germany
Tel.: +49-(0) 07071 29 78957

Salis-Gross, Eskil (BSc)

Research (MSc thesis): Modelling precipitation in mountainous terrain based on linear theory.

Yang, Yuling / Lena (BSc)

Research (MSc thesis): Bayesian assessment of palaeotopographies from palaeoclimate reconstructions.

Cooperations (In-House)

​​​​​​​Former Members

Simon Ring, MSc (Bayesian interpolation of palaeoclimates; climate sensitivity)
Judith Tettenborn, BSc (Bayesian model selection for non-linear glacier responses to climate change)
Nicolas Behrens, MSc (LASSO-based and Bayesian modelling of regional precipitation in Chile)
Gregor Gnisia, BSc (impact of ENSO on precipitation and temperature in Chile)
Nicolas Behrens, MSc (empirical statistical downscaling of precipitation in Chile)
Marie Seeber, MSc (landslide re-mobilisation triggered by extreme weather events)
Johannes Aschauer, MSc (statistical modelling and prediction of mountain glaciers in S. America)
Samuel Scherrer, MSc (empirical statistical downscaling of modern climate in Chile)
Gayathri Guddeti, MSc (landscape evolution modelling from LGM to today)
Hemanti Sharma, MSc (frost cracking models for present and palaeoclimates)
Jingmin Li, PhD (palaeoclimate modelling and trajectory analyses)
lze Muceniece, MSc (AWS measurements in Chile, statistics)
Jana Geller, MSc (climate extremes in the Late Cenozoic)