Miriam Vilchez Suárez

PhD candidate
(Cotutelle) University of Granada and University of Tübingen
Hölderlinstr. 12 72074 Tübingen Germany

Fields of Interest

  • Late Prehistory
  • Megalithism
  • Bioarchaeology
  • Stable isotopes

PhD Project

My research focuses on the analysis of bioarchaeological material and the investigation of funerary patterns of several megalithic necropolis of Southern Iberian Peninsula.  
The main goals of my PhD are:
-    To understand the past populations through the mortuary remains
-    To reconstruct the burial process and the treatment of the body and to reconstruct and to understand the funerary ritual.
-    Link between human skeletal remains and their social, cultural and environmental context.
-    To reconstruct the behaviour and past lifestyles from skeletal and archaeological data in biocultural contexts.
-    To discern the diet and mobility patterns of these populations.