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Reopening of the Palaeontological Collection of the University of Tuebingen

On Wednesday, November 2nd 2011, the Paleontological Collection of Tuebingen University was solemnly reopened. This event is the result of nearly two-year of renovation.

The Paleontological Collection sees itself as both a historical document, as well as modern scientific collection, which, as the minister for Science, Research and Arts of Baden-Wuerttemberg Theresa Bauer, the rector of Tuebingen University Professor Dr. Bernd Engler, the Board Member of the Senckenberg Natural Science Society Professor Dr. Georg Zizka and the director of the collection Professor Madelaine Böhme emphasized in their speeches.

The lecture on the early history of the collection and its first head Friedrich August Quenstedt hold by Prof. Dr. Frank Westphal presented on this occasion made the famous history of the collection back to life.

The extensive holdings of the university collection are made fully accessible again a spart oft the new cooperation between Tuebingen University and the Senckenberg Natural History Society including bilingual scientific explanations oft he objects on display.

About 200 invited guests, including many paleontologists, celebrated the reopening in the middle of saurian skeletons.

On this point once again a big thank to everyone who contributed to the renovation!

Photos of the reopening of the paleontological collection

Photos Renovation