Terrestrische Paläoklimatologie


Welcome to the Palaeontological Collection of Tuebingen University

The palaeontological collection of the University of Tuebingen contains an estimated 600,000 objects. At present, 35,000 of them are digitally inventoried. There is fossil material documenting over 1.500 scientific publications.

Of special value are the fossils illustrated in the works of Friedrich August Quenstedt. In addition, the museum also contains the fossils from works of Auer, Branco, Broili, Bronn, E. and O. Fraas, Hauff, Heer, Hennig, v. Huene, Jaeger, Koken, Naef, Pompeckj, Schindewolf, Schlegelmilch, Seilacher, Westphal, Wiedmann and Zittel.

Most of the collection materials are kept in a sliding cabinet system in the ground floor of the building. Substantial collection materials originate from the late 19th and early 20th century. Numerous invertebrate finds were added to the collection in the period between 1950-1970. A set of private collections, to supplement the already rich material, were donated to the Institute.

For scientists from all over the world we offer the possibility to visit our collection or loan material for scientific porpoises. The palaeontological collection has an office for guest scientists. For early reservations we can organize a cheap accommodation in the building for you.

Please cite our collection as follows:

Palaeontological Collection of Tuebingen University, Sigwartstr. 10, 72076 Tuebingen, Germany

The acronym of our collection is GPIT (according to the former name of the department: Geologisch-Palaeontologisches Institut Tuebingen).

The valid numbers are formatted as follows: GPIT/1234 (still published material) or GPIT/MA/01234 (material which hasn’t been published or was not inventoried until 2010).


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