Terrestrische Paläoklimatologie

Water Reptiles Hall

The world of the Jurassic sea is the topic of this hall. Numerous skeletons of Ichthyosaurs from the Posidonia Shale Formation are presented here, in addition to a row of marine crocodiles, plesiosaurs, fishes, and sharks which lived between 200-145 million years ago in Germany and England.

Among them are large opportunistic feeders like the Temnodontosaurus, up to 15 m long, also fossils of the Coelacanths, living fossils. In one side room is a skeleton of the Placondont Henodus, a reptile, which has only been found locally so far, in the region at Tübingen/Lustnau.

Several skeletons of flying reptiles complete the display of findings from the Jurassic sea. Beyond that in the side room, two six meter long Mosasaurs, large predators of the Cretaceous, are displayed as well.