Terrestrische Paläoklimatologie

August Ilg, volunteer, admin

Curriculum Vitae:

since 1978

  • strong preoccupation with Palaeontology as Hobby


  • extensive collection of fossils in the Upper Jurassic of Normandy, France


  • first publication in conjunction with Prof. Dr. Helmut Keupp about calcitic dinoflagellate cysts


  • papers about the palaeopathology of ammonites from the upper Callovian of Normandy, with Prof. Dr. Helmut Keupp


  • co-supervision of the diploma thesis of Silke Schlirf about epizoans on Gryphaea (Houlgate, Normandy)


  • fieldwork in Normandy (upper Callovian, lower Oxfordian) with Dr. Joachim Gründel within the scope of a DFG project about Jurassic Gastropoda

since 1996

  • volunteer at the State Museum of Natural History Stuttgart, excavations in the Nusplingen Lithographic Limestone

since 1998

  • close cooperation with Madelaine Böhme in the field, in collections, joint publications


  • participation in the EEDEN programme of the ESF (Environments and Ecosystem Dynamics of the Eurasian Neogene, 2000-2004)


  • Advisory Council and Delegate of the German Palaeontological Society

since 2010

  • volunteer in the work group Böhme at the Eberhard Karls University Tuebingen, fieldwork in Bulgaria and Hammerschmiede, admin of the website

In the field


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