Urgeschichte und Naturwissenschaftliche Archäologie

AlpiNet - Alpine Network for Archeological Sciences

Best practices to increase public and scientific awareness to the common past of the cultural diversity of the Alps.

(Translation of the original German text)

The chair of paleontology of the "Dipartimento di Scienze Filologiche e Storiche" of the "Università die Trento" initiated this project which has been funded by the European Union (2001-2007) amongst others. It unifies scientific institutions from the alpine countries so that knowledge, methods, techniques, educational programs and scientific results can be shared and made accessible to students and the public. Participating institutions aim to create the "Alpine Network for Archaeological Sciences“ (AlpiNet)". By this, an increase and expansion of knowledge of the history of the alpine regions and their populations shall be made possible by making it easier to plan, organise and conduct educational and scientific projects. 

Such projects could be excavations, excursions, work shops or seminars, five of which are organised by different participating institutions every year for students of other participating institutions. 

AlpiNet seeks to invoke public interest by creating the very first virtual museum. This museum will be a multimedia tool to inform the public worldwide about the cultural history of alpine Europe. 

Participating institutions