Urgeschichte und Naturwissenschaftliche Archäologie


2015 - present Hohle Fels, Middle and Upper Paleolithic, Swabian Jura, Germany
2012 - present Schöningen, Lower Paleolithic, Germany.
2012 - present Chogha Golan, Aceramic Neolithic, Iran.
2010 - present Kephalari Cave, Middle and Upper Paleolithic, Peloponnese, Greece.
2007-2013 Mount Lykaion, Late Neolithic through Hellenistic period, Arcadia, Greece.
2011-2012 AMS dating of calcined bone from Mount Lykaion, Greece.
2011 Walnut Canyon and Wuptaki National Monuments, late Prehistoric, northern Arizona.
2005-2009 Klissoura Cave 1, Middle and Upper Paleolithic, Peloponnese, Greece.
2009 Mule Creek, late Prehistoric, Southeast NM.
2007-2008 Analysis of multiple historic and late prehistoric sites, northern New Mexico.
2004-2007 Hallan Çemi Tepesi, Epipaleolithic/Neolithic, SE Turkey.

Field Experience


Experimental archaeology – butchery and bone tool manufacture” above Sibudu

2016-present Sibudu Cave, South Africa” above Hohle Fels
2012-present Lakonis I, Middle Paleolithic, Peloponnese, Greece” between Hohle Fels and Schoeningen
2005 Uçağızlı Caves I and II, Middle and Upper Paleolithic, Hatay, Turkey.
2004 Vale Boi, Upper Paleolithic, Algarve, Portugal.
2003 Moxa Arch survey, southwest Wyoming.
2002 Coudolous I, Middle Paleolithic, Lot, France.
2002 Coudolous II, non-cultural Pleistocene sinkhole, Lot, France.
2002 Antelope trap survey, N. Wyoming.
2001-2002 Barger Gulch Locality B, Folsom, Middle Park, Colorado.
2001 UW Advanced Field School, Hell Gap, stratified Paleoindian, Wyoming.
2001 Paint Rock Canyon survey, NE Wyoming.
2000 Excavation of Paleoindian, Archaic and Uinta sites, survey in SW and central Wyoming.
1999 Field School, Evanston China Town, Western Wyoming Community College Historical Archaeology Field School.