Oymaağaç (ancient Nerik/Turkey)

Dr. Simone Riehl

Nerik is a find site from the hittite period from the Black Sea region near Samsun. Since 2007, interdisciplinary research is conducted in Nerik led by PD Dr. Rainer Czichon. Main focus is the investigation of the main causes for the emergence of a central place in this area as well as the reasons for ist loss of importance during Roman times.

Archaeobotanical research is conducted since 2008 and currently a master thesis is conducted on the Hittite plant remains.

Preliminary results on Iron Age crop production and woodland use have been published:

Riehl, S. and E. Marinova. Archäobotanischer Vorbericht zu den eisenzeitlichen Gruben in Oymaağaç, to be published in MDOG. [pdf]