Tell Fadous (Lebanon)

Dr. Simone Riehl

Tell Fadous (Kfarabida) is an Early to Middle Bronze Age site in northern Lebanon excavated by Prof. Hermann Genz (American University of Beirut). Location of the site (near Byblos) and period are crucial for the history of the region because it witnesses the appearance of the first cities as well as the growing importance of sea trade.

Archaeobotanical research started in 2005 and delivered some preliminary results on agricultural production and wood resources:

Riehl, S. and K. Deckers (2009) 2011, The botanical finds from the 2007 and 2008 seasons of excavations. In “Excavations at Tell Fadous – Kfarabdia: Preliminary report on the 2009 seasons of excavations”. (H. Genz, Ed.). BAAL 13 (2009), 110-116. [pdf]