Tell Halaf (Syria)

Dr. Simone Riehl

Tell Halaf, near Ras al-Ayn, has been settled since the Neolithic until Islamic period and is eponym of the Halaf Culture and is amongst the most famous archaeological sites of the Near East. Earliest investigations started in 1899 by Max von Oppenheim and have been continued since 2006 by a Syrian-German team. There is comprehensive literature (see link) on the different research foci of the project.

Archaeobotanical research started in 2006 and has so far been focussed on Iron Age plant remains:

Riehl, S. und Deckers, K. 2009, Vorbericht zu einigen eisenzeitlichen und mittelalterlichen Pflanzenresten vom Tell Halaf, in Orthmann, W., Novak, M. and Martin, L., eds., Tell Halaf, Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 105-118. [pdf]