Laboratory of Virtual Anthropology und Morphometrics

The technical equipment includes

  • two optical scanners
  • two MicroScribe digitizers (RSI GmbH).
  • handheld structured-light scanner ARTEC Space Spider 3D scanner (Artec3D)


3D Computed Tomography Scan 

3D-Computertomograph - Phoenix v|tome|x GE (GE phoenix).

Contact Person: Prof. Dr. Katerina Harvati Rümelinstr. 23, Hauptgebäude, 2. OG, Room  617


Confocal microscope

Application for use of the confocal imaging profiler (SENSOFAR)



Raise3D Pro2 Plus (RAISE3D)

Contact Person: Alessio Maiello Rümelinstr. 23, 2. OG Room 516