Theses in progress

Master's theses in progress

Topic: From TSS prediction to transcriptome characterization
Supervisor: Kay Nieselt/Harald Groß
Author: Mathias Witte Paz

Topic: PhyloBlast
Supervisor: Kay Nieselt/Friedrich Götz
Author: Jennifer Müller

Topic: Comparison of expression conservation of orthologs and paralogs
Supervisor: Kay Nieselt/Nadine Ziemert
Author: Huang Chin-Hua

Topic: Identification and characterization of small RNA transcripts from differential RNA-seq data
Supervisor: Kay Nieselt
Author: Dilek Dere

Bachelor's theses in progress

Topic: Co-appearances of genes in microbiomes
Supervisor: Kay Nieselt/Susanne Zabel
Author: Johannes Hölle

Topic: Data mining for conditions which influence the echolocation behavior of forgaging Rhinopoma
Supervisor: Kay Nieselt/Prof. Schnitzler
Author: Mark Krause

Topic: Integration of statistical methods into Evidente
Supervisor: Kay Nieselt/Theresa Harbig
Author: Sophie Pesch