Video Lectures on Probabilistic Machine Learning

If you are looking for the slides and videos of the 2020 course on Probabilistic Machine Learning, click on this box.


Teaching in the Summer Term 2021

Lecture Probabilistic Machine Learning (ML 4202) — Prof. Dr. Philipp Hennig
Lectures on youtube (the 2020 videos will be partially updated, so don't binge-watch before term starts). 
Flipped classrooms once per week (time tbd., possibly Tuesdays 10ct-12noon)
Tutorials on Thursday or Friday (several slots).
More details on Ilias.

Seminar Fairness in Machine Learning (ML 4501) — Dr. Samira Samadi, Dr. Thomas Grote, Prof. Dr. Philipp Hennig
Fridays, 10ct-12. Location tba. depending on progress of pandemic. More on Ilias

Seminar Machine Learning for and with Dynamical Systems (ML 4501) — Nathanael Bosch, Nicholas Krämer, Prof. Dr. Philipp Hennig
Fridays, 14ct-16. Location tba. depending on progress of pandemic. The first meeting will be held on the 23rd of April. Please register on Ilias by the 15th of April and let us know about your preference on topics via email. More information, including a list of topics, on Ilias.

BSc Team Project:  Automatic Betting System for the Bundesliga (2 Groups)

Teaching in the Winter Term 2020/21

All locations and formats are preliminary and subject to change as the pandemic evolves.


Lecture Data Literacy (ML 4102) Prof. Dr. Philipp Hennig
Lectures on Tuesdays, 12noon ct - 14 on zoom. Tutorials on Thursday (several slots). More details on Ilias.

Lecture Time Series (ML 4320) — Dr. Filip Tronarp
Lectures on Fridays, 12noon ct - 14 in Maria v. Linden-Str. 6, main lecture hall. More details on Ilias.
Tutorials right after the lecture, Fridays, 14–16, same location

BSc Team Project: 
Automatisches Wett-System Bundesliga (3 Gruppen)