Neural Information Processing

Timetable Cognitive Modeling 2021

Date #VL who what
20.04.2021 VL01 Butz, Achimova
& Wichmann
27.04.2021 VL02 Wichmann

Parameter estimation I (LMSE vs. ML)

04.05.2021 VL03 Wichmann

Parameter estimation II (goodness-of-fit)

11.05.2021 VL04 Wichmann Parameter estimation III (variability and confidence intervals)
18.05.2021 VL05 Wichmann

Modeling Data Example (psychometric function)

25.05.2021   no lecture (holidays)
01.06.2021 VL06 Butz

Model Comparison Examples

08.06.2021 VL07 Butz

Interpreting Models

15.06.2021 VL08 Butz Rational Speech Act framework
22.06.2021 VL09 Butz

Free-Energy Principle

29.06.2021 VL10 Butz

Event-Predictive Cognition

06.07.2021 VL11 Butz

Modeling Spatial Cognition

13.07.2021 VL12 Wichmann Bayesian statistics and Bayesian models
20.07.2021 VL13 Butz, Achimova
& Wichmann

Q & A

27.07.2021 exam