3rd place in the Youth Research Competition

Our Nagold high school students Henrik Schick and Simon Straub could convince with their virus model

The “Youth research” regional competition winners in the northern Black Forest receive their certificates for third place and prize money at the award ceremony.

We congratulate the two students Henrik Schick and Simon Straub for their success at the regional competition in North Black Forrest to Youth research 2023 in Nagold! With their modeling and computer simulation of the Spanish flu they convinced the judges and reached the third place in this year's competition.

The competition happened on March 2 and 3, 2023, in Nagold’s Stadthalle. From morning to noon on March 2, the 72 students presented their 41 projects to the judges - including five mathematics and computer science projects. From the afternoon until the evening, there were elective leisure activities. In the evening, the regional winners were announced. Afterwards, a dinner was held with the participants, jurors and people from the public. On March 3, the public is invited. Everyone could come to the hall and learn about the participants’ projects. The event ended with the award ceremony in the afternoon.

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