Google Summer of Code 2018 (GSoC)

Shalin Shah of Duke University successfully worked on the SBSCL project this summer.

Supported by Google, the Java™ library SBSCL for systems biology simulations, which was developed in Tübingen since 2007, has been extensively updated this summer by the external Ph.D. student Shalin Shah from Duke University in Durham (North Carolina, United States). Thanks to international cooperation under the auspices of the NRNB (National Resource for Network Biology) with Dr. Matthias König from Humboldt University in Berlin and Nicolas Rodriguez from the Babraham Institute in Cambridge (United Kingdom), numerous innovations have been implemented. SBSCL is now entirely based on Maven and, thanks to the support of Dr. Hannes Planatscher, can now be used independently of commercial solution methods. Support for the SED-ML format has also been revised.