Department of Computer Science

Computer Science (Bachelor)

Target group

The bachelor's degree program in computer science is designed for students who are interested in information processing and want to pursue a career or research career in information technology. A basic understanding of mathematics, the ability to think logically and a good capacity for abstraction are important.

Study contents

The content of the Bachelor of Computer Science program is the teaching of fundamentals in general, practical, technical and theoretical computer science and in mathematics. The module "Professional Skills (übK)"  allows a high degree of freedom of choice, which includes the range of courses outside of computer science.

The modular Bachelor's program in Computer Science is divided into three academic years, each of which begins in the winter or summer semester. In the first four semesters, the course of study is completely fixed. From the 5th semester onwards, there is the opportunity to take more in-depth courses (compulsory elective modules) according to one's own inclinations.

Teaching takes place in a balanced mixture of lectures, exercises, seminars and practical courses.

Study goals

The aim of the bachelor's program in computer science is to teach the technical and methodological fundamentals of the subject of computer science in order to provide the prerequisites for later broadening, deepening and specialization in a master's program or to enable entry into the job market.

Occupational fields and perspectives

The study of computer science qualifies students to work in very different professional fields, since information technology intervenes in virtually every area of business and public life. Some examples are commerce, banking and insurance, software development and consulting, and communications providers.

The career prospects for graduates of the Bachelor of Computer Science program are very good.