Department of Computer Science

Computer Science (Master of Science)

Target Group

The master's program in computer science is designed for students with a first professional degree (usually a Bachelor of Science) in computer science or an equivalent degree in mathematics or the natural sciences.

Study Objectives

The master's degree in computer science enables graduates to analyze, design, implement and use information technology. It broadens and deepens the specialist knowledge of the bachelor's degree, enables students to work independently in scientific fields, lays the foundations for the further development of the subject and prepares students for a doctorate. In particular, it qualifies students for independent and managerial activities and is characterized by its scientific nature, the promotion of independence, the ability to make judgments and decisions, and its research orientation. In addition to broadening the student's knowledge, the program also aims to deepen and specialize the student's knowledge.

Study Contents

The master's program in computer science allows for extensive elective options: a broad spectrum of specialized knowledge is taught in the areas of technical, practical and theoretical computer science (elective modules). Current scientific problems are dealt with during the master's thesis. The scientific study of computer science is conceptually and methodologically sound and at the same time career and work market oriented.

Occupational fields and Perspectives

The master's degree program in computer science trains future action and decision makers and qualifies them for all computer science occupational fields, such as work in retail, banking and insurance, application development or the automotive industry.

The career prospects for graduates of the master's program in computer science are very good.

Procedure for Enrollment

The Master's program in Computer Science requires a grade of 2.5 or better on the bachelor's transcript. In addition, admissions are only possible with a Bachelor's degree with sufficient affinity to computer science. This is checked by the department during the admission procedure.

As of the winter semester 2012, the university's new central admission procedure applies via the electronic Movein portal, see central study page of the Universitäy of Tübingen.

This procedure also applies to graduates with a Bachelor's degree from the University of Tübingen.
If you do not yet have all the required documents, but you have successfully completed all examinations for the Bachelor, you can still apply via the Movein portal (if necessary, submit a transcript of records instead of a certificate).
You will then be conditionally accepted into the Master's program if you do not have the required documents, and would then have to submit the documents later in the course of the coming weeks.