Master Biochemistry

Module: Cell-biochemistry with fluorescent fusion proteins

The educational objective of this master module is to convey deeper knowledge in cell biochemistry with special consideration of practical aspects in cellular processes, recombinant antibody technologies, fluorescent fusion proteins and their analysis in molecular biology, cellular assays and protein biochemistry.

To this end, current technologies in cell biology and biochemistry such as culturing different mammalian cell lines, DNA transfection, compound treatment, fluorescence microscopy as well as analyses in protein biochemistry such as western blot and co-immunoprecipitation are to be applied.

The module comprises various standard methods as well as novel approaches, applied in many areas of life sciences and that bring together cell biology and biochemistry.

Scientific topics/questions are related to current research of the AG Rothbauer (see publications:

Winterterm: November-December (4 weeks)
Summerterm: May-June (4 weeks)