Physikalisches Institut

Quantum Many-Body Physics

Open positions

Here is an overview of currently open positions and project possibilities in our group. If you are interested and in order to get more detailed informations contact  Christian.


Postdoc at the Rydberg experiment


After 3 years of construction our Rydberg experiment is starting to explore many-body effects in a fully controlled setting. To complete our team we are looking for a postdoc with experience in experimental AMO physics.

Masters student at the fermion experiment

From July 2020 on we are offering various Master projects. The topic will be the design and setup of laser systems for the cooling of lithium and erbium.

Bachelor student at the fermion experiment

From September 2020 on we are offering various Bachelor projects, during which you can make your first steps in a lab. Typical projects invlude the setup and the characterization of diode lasers and amplifiers, or the development of optical modules for laser stabilization and intensity control.

Student assistant in the group

Starting summer 2020 we have continuously interesting and challenging student projects, in which you have the chance to bet a glimpse into the daily lab work of a research group. Examplary projects are the construction and characterization of optoelectronical components, which are at the heart of our setups.