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Bachelor and Master projects


Our group is always looking for motivated Bachelor and master students. If you are interested, feel free to contact us or just drop by!



PhD projects 


Currently, we are looking for ambitious PhD students with a strong interest in atomic quantum optics to support the following projects:


„Non-equilibrium dynamics of long-range interacting quantum systems“

Using cold trapped atoms and Rydberg states in strong electric fields we are going to investigate non-equilibrium states in dynamically driven, long-range interacting quantum systems. Therefore, small and fast changes of the control electric field permit dynamical tuning of the atoms dipole-dipole interaction strength, which enables the realization of different dynamical driving schemes. Using a high resolution ion microscope we will perform precise measurements of the spatial and temporal dynamics and correlations in this driven interacting quantum system and explore possible applications for future quantum technology and metrology.


„Optically pumped magnetometry for metrological applications“

In this project we are going to investigate novel sensor concepts based on optically pumped magnetometers. A quantum chaotic sensing scheme shall be used to increasing the sensitivity above the standard quantum limit, thus paving the way to new miniaturized sensors. In collaboration with academic partners we are going to investigate and realize first applications of this sensor in metrology and quantum technology.


All projects are strongly linked to the Research Unit FOR 5413 „Long-range interacting quantum spin systems out of equilibrium: Experiment, Theory and Mathematics“ which is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG). The Research Unit addresses questions concerning many-body quantum systems with long-range interactions. Its ultimate goals are the understanding, realization and control of complex quantum matter possessing collectively enhanced yet robust properties with applications in emerging quantum technologies, such as metrology and sensing.


Want to know more about these projects and the prerequisite for possible PhD students? Just contact us!






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