Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy

Prof. Dr. Beate M. Herbert

Privatdozentin (PD) / Associate Prof

University of Tübingen
E-Mail: b.herbertspam 

Professor at University of Applied Science Fresenius Munich
Biological Psychology, Health Psychology,
Clinical Psychology

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Research Focus and Projects:

Multimodal Body Perception and Interoception;
Embodiment/Embodied Cognition, Multisensory Processing of Body Feedbacks for Self-Construal (‘embodied self’, self-awareness);
Alexithymie/emotional Awareness;
Adaptive and Maladaptive Eating, Intuitive Eating, Overweight, Obesity, Eating Disorders; Mindfulness, Stress and Resilience, Gender and Sex Differences;
Cross-Cultural Differences of Embodied Cognition, ‘Self’ and Health;
Gender und Geschlechterunterschiede, Kulturelle Faktoren von Emdbodied Cognition, ‚Self‘ und Gesundheit;
Development of Methods for Measuring Interoception and for Training;
Programs for Health Prevention and Intervention, Coaching & Consulting - Health Psychology / Digital Health;


Memberships: Deutscher Hochschulverband (DHV), Deutsche Gesellschaft für Psychologie (DGPS), EUCOG II, ESCAN, EHPS, SESP, SPR and many others

Reviewer: for many peer-reviewed Journals, as well as for national and international Promotion Committees (e.g. PhD, Promotion to Full Professorship), and for national and international Organisations (e.g. European Research Council, The Wellcome Trust, etc.)

Award: Guest Professorship Psychology, TEA Program of the University of Tübingen and LaKoG Baden-Württemberg (WiSe 2015/16)

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