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SFB 1101, Thursday October 31th 2019, 13:00, N4

Johannes Stuttmann, Halle, Signaling by TIR domain-containing plant immune receptors: Mysterious…

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SFB 1101, Thursday October 24th 2019, 13:00, N4

Rosa Lozano-Duran, Shanghai, Elucidating the multilayered viral manipulation of the host plant

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SFB 1101, Thursday October 17th 2019, 13:00, N4

Sebastien Mongrand, Bordeaux, Plant plasma membrane organization: leaflet asymmetry,…

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Tuesday, 15st of October, 1 pm, 4U09 ZMBP

Nuhu Gworgwor, Nigeria, Parasitic Weeds of North-Eastern Nigeria: Ecology and Control.

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