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SFB 1101, Tuesday February 18th 2020, 13:00, 4U09

Kee-Hoon Sohn, Pohang. Molecular basis by which convergently evolved NLRs confer effector…

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SFB 1101, Thursday January 30th 2020, 13:00, N4

Alyona Minina, Heidelberg, Debulking the myth of plant autophagy: the role of selective self-eating…

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Timmermans - roadmap of the genes - Atlas der Gene

Researchers headed by the University of Tübingen create a roadmap of the genes which drive plant…

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SFB 1101, Thursday December 5th 2019, 13:00, 4U09, ZMBP

Tonni G. Andersen, Lausanne, Passage cells and the outer xylem pole: an overlooked highway for root…

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SFB 1101, Thursday November 28th 2019, 13:00, N4

Jos Schippers, Aachen, "(Post-)Transcriptional regulation of the proteasome during leaf senescence".…

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SFB 1101, Thursday November 22th 2019, 10:00, 4U09

Nicolaj Abel, Freiburg,A hetero-oligomeric group 1 remorin complex at the plasma membrane acts as a…

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SFB 1101, Thursday November 7th 2019, 13:00, N4

Emmanuelle Graciet, Maynooth, "The end matters: fighting pathogens via the N-terminus"

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SFB 1101, Thursday October 31th 2019, 13:00, N4

Johannes Stuttmann, Halle, Signaling by TIR domain-containing plant immune receptors: Mysterious…

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